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Every qualified scientist leaving Africa represents a lost investment if we take into consideration the education system and the national government’s funds.

Living in Europe for better chances like better universities, higher technology and research centers are common drivers for the brain drain phenomenon African countries suffer from. However, Africa’s potential continue to be advocated despite of economic pressures.

African scientists living abroad are looking at the continent and wondering if, how and when they should move back to take on a new career or business opportunity. But where are these opportunities found and how to secure them in order to ensure success? Which skills should be developed before the big move and what does it take to succeed on arrival? What are the real challenges of moving to Africa? How to keep contacts and cooperation with one's European host? How to use them to develop own infrastructure in Africa? How to be part of European programes on the long term? How does Europe compare to the US, the land of opportunity?

This panel will discuss this viewpoint considering the question as to “why” you should go back to Africa, as well as explore “when”, “how” and other key issues related to preventing brain-drain while maintaining a long-term relationship to Europe’s research environment."


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