The MITICA study in Central Africa takes a new step forward

The inclusions in the MITICA study ended at the end of December 2018 after one year of inclusion. A new mission, with the arrival in Bangui of Dr Ait-Ahmed Mohand from the Translational Research Centre of the Institut Pasteur, in Paris, from 22nd to 25th January, consisted in planning the remaining activities until June 2019, the planned date of closure of the clinical site and the start of data analysis.

The first phase of the MITICA study (Mother to Infant Transmission of a dysbiotic in Central African Republic) has been completed and the results are being analyzed.

As a reminder, the MITICA project aimed to include 49 patients in the study as part of their care. This inclusion phase, which lasted one year, has now been completed. These 49 inclusions will allow researchers at the Institut Pasteur to analyze the results during the second phase of the study, thus improving understanding of the mechanisms of acquisition of the dysbiotic microbiota in infants, one of the main causes of chronic malnutrition.

It is in this context that Dr. Ait-Ahmed Mohand, Clinical Coordinator of the Translational Research Centre of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, was on a mission in Bangui from 22nd to 25th January 2019. Dr. Ait-Ahmed Mohand works to support the researchers of the Pasteur Network in their research project and to represent the Institut Pasteur as a promoter of its research.

A specific action plan

The new objective after the end of inclusions is to continue monitoring mothers until June 2019. The purpose of Dr. Ait-Ahmed Mohand's mission was to review the difficulties identified and plan all remaining activities. It is clearly a matter of completing the database and initiating all the analyses that were planned in the protocol so that all the elements can be analyzed by the date of closure of the clinical site in June 2019.

Dr. Ait-Ahmed Mohand had the opportunity to meet with the doctors at the recruitment and study site, as well as the technicians and biologists in charge of medical analyses on samples for the development of the bio bank. He took the opportunity to give a conference for the general public on the main principles of clinical research.

As a reminder

The MITICA study is coordinated by the research doctor Dr Violeta Moya-Alvarez of Professor Sansonetti's 1202 "Molecular Microbial Pathogeny" unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur de Bangui. The study aims to assess the impact of the transmission of intestinal flora from mother to child in the context of the fight against child malnutrition. It is funded by the Translational Research Program of the Institut Pasteur de Paris and by LabEx IBEID.

This paper as first been published by the Institut Pasteur de Bangui, and translated in English by Afriscitech.


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