Amphithéâtre Mestre - 11.30 - 12.45

Scientific networks associating scientists from different African countries allow a better development of good quality research. This session is based on observations made by scientists and scientific associations, who remark a deficit of such a networking approach among African scientists.

Very often the collaborations, the meetings, the exchanges, the sharing of reflection of the African researchers are carried out during activities or scientific events carried by spaces and institutions out of Africa. The observation of the small number of agreements signed between research centers and African universities is one of the indicators showing the difficulties of implementation of these cooperations.

Moreover, one can indicate a lack in the design, the assembly of research projects, academic exchanges between African countries. A large majority of African scientists, individually or collectively, note this lack of initiatives.

The purpose of this session is to report experiences of work among African scientists in order to learn about the nature, the difficulties and also to identify good practices. Four speakers will discuss these issues on the basis of their multiple and rich experiences. Nathalie Persson Andrianasitera, who drives missions of management and evaluation of research programs, will enlighten us on the contents and the limits of her initiatives. Emmanuel Kamdem, through his teaching and research activities and more specifically the management of a higher education institution, will give us a living testimony on the creation of a network of scientific exchanges between the business schools of African countries. Michelle Mbo'o-Tchouawou, in addition to her evaluation of coordination of research programs, will reveal a crucial dimension, that of gender issues within these cooperation initiatives. Mohamed Benguerna, through his work, his research, his involvement in cooperation programs, will present some reflections and some avenues to explore in order to encourage and consolidate cooperation initiatives.


BENGUERNA 2Mohamed Benguerna


E Kamdem2Emmanuel Kamdem

Mboo TchouawouMichèle Mbo'o-Tchouawou

Persson2Nathalie Persson Andianasitera