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Africa, more than ever, aims to create wealth by diversifying its productive economy by advocating an economic policy based on investment and entrepreneurship. In parallel, studies have shown the active role of the diaspora in the development of its country of origin.

Africa has a large community of expatriate, skilled and highly skilled. However, can this diaspora contribute to the development of innovative entrepreneurship? Some of these university graduates would like to start a business in their home country, based on their scientific experience and know-how, thus enabling them to value the skills acquired in the country of adoption.

Through their business creation projects, these people are important levers for the development of Africa in the medium and long term. Indeed, the creation of businesses contributes to the dynamisation of territories and the creation of wealth and long-term employment.

Aware of the interest and the development potential that they can represent for their home country, some European countries have developed support programs for the benefit of the holders of innovative projects for the entrepreneurial development in the country of origin. These few experiences like "DiaMed" - Support the creation of activity and employment in the Maghreb -, "PACEIM" - Support Program for the Creation of Innovative Enterprises in the Mediterranean and Entrepreneurs in Africa, for France ; Business Ideas for Development for Germany; and more recently, the MEETAfrica program - a regional scheme to help start a business - set up between Europe and Africa.


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