Welcome to the Pink City

The capital of the 2nd largest region of France “Occitanie”, Toulouse is an internationally renowned centre for the aeronautical industry and the birthplace of the on-board systems, which hosts the world’s leading companies as Airbus, ATR, Thales, Actia, Evotec and NXP Airbus.

Professionals working in research and innovation from all over the world are attracted in Toulouse thanks to a large number of cutting-edge businesses in the aeronautic, information technologies and space industry, numerous research institutes, as well as start-ups in all sectors.

Four knowledge hubs are hosted in Toulouse : Aerospace Valley; Agri Sud-Ouest InnovationCancer-Bio-Santé, represented by the “Oncopole”, the largest cancer research centre in Europe, and Pôle Eau for water.

The Région Occitanie possesses major advantages: 233 000 students, 29 400 researchers and quality laboratories with close links to an innovative industrial base. With 3.7% of its GDP dedicated to R&D, the region exceeds European Union targets and has numerous remarkable science sites, such as the world-known “Pic du Midi” Observatory, the Station for Theoretical and Experimental Ecology of Moulis, the Solar Furnace of Odeillo-Font Romeu, as well as extraordinary technological realisations such as the Airbus A380 assembly line.

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