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Listen and watch to the world
The France Médias Monde group brings together France 24; RFI, the world radio; and Monte Carlo Doualiya. The three channels broadcast from Paris to 5 continents, in 15 languages. The group's journalists and its network of correspondents offer listeners, viewers and Internet users open information about the world and the diversity of cultures and points of view, through news, reports, magazines and debates. 66 nationalities are represented among the employees.
● France 24 are four global news channels (in French, English, Arabic and Spanish), broadcasting 24/7 in 333 million homes across 5 continents. France 24 brings together 55 millions weekly viewers (measured in 65 countries out of 183 where at least one of the three channels is distributed). The editorial staff of France 24 proposes from Paris a French approach of the world and relies on a network of 160 correspondents' offices covering almost all the countries of the globe. The channel is distributed by cable, satellite, DTTV in some countries, on ADSL, mobiles, tablets and connected TVs as well as on Youtube in its three language versions. The digital environments of France 24, also available in three languages, record 18.2 millions hits per month and 40 millions views (average 2017) and 35.3 millions subscribers on Facebook and Twitter (July 2017).
● RFI is a French news radio, broadcast worldwide in French and 13 other languages, via 156 FM relays, on medium wave, shortwave, on thirty satellites to five continents, on the Internet and connected applications, and has more than 1,000 radio partners who are sharing its programs. Thanks to the expertise of its offices based in Paris and its network of 400 correspondents, RFI offers its listeners information rendez-vous and magazines offering the keys to understanding the world. Global radio brings together 41.3 millions listeners each week (measured in 37 of the 150 countries where it is distributed) and its digital environments record 15.2 millions hits each month (average 2017) and 19 millions subscribers on Facebook and Twitter (July 2017) .
● Monte Carlo Doualiya is a French radio station in Arabic, broadcast from Paris in the Near and Middle East, as well as in Mauritania, Djibouti, and South Sudan on medium-wave, FM, satellite and radio partners. It offers information meetings and magazines, with a strong emphasis on culture, focusing on direct, conviviality and interactivity. Its editorial staff and network of correspondents across five continents provide global news coverage to 7.3 millions listeners each week (measured in 18 countries). Monte Carlo Doualiya asserts itself as the radio of freedom and universalism for all generations. The channel is also accessible on its website, the most modern in the world of sites in Arabic, and its mobile applications, as well as various cable and satellite offers. In its digital environments, MCD records 2 millions visits each month (average 2017) as well as 3.8 millions subscribers on Facebook and Twitter (July 2017).