Jean-Baptiste Meyer is senior researcher at the Institute of Research for Development and professor in various universities in Europe and Africa. He has run research and higher education programmes with the National University of Colombia, the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Buenos Aires (Argentina) as well as in North Africa and Soudan more recently.

Jean-Baptiste Meyer has been coordinating the CIDESAL European research and development project, on diaspora incubators, developing new methods and instruments for global mobility understanding and management.

His works include : El nuevo nomadismo cientifico : la perspectiva latinoamericana (ESAP, 1998), Scientific Diasporas (IRD editions, 2003), La société des savoirs : trompe l’oeil ou perspectives (L'Harmattan 2006), A sociology of diaspora knowledge networks (2011), Diaspora : towards the new frontier (2015).