Nathalie Persson is scientific coordinator of international support programmes in food science and social sciences research at the International Foundation for Science (IFS).

The mission of the foundation is to support the most promising young scientists in the developing world through a competitive small research grant scheme.

Nathalie Persson is responsible for the process of identification of the best candidates with research projects in social sciences and food security and nutrition issues. She preselects projects for further review and recruits independent reviewers as well as senior scientists from the five continents for a scientific committee that makes grant recommendations. She also administers the whole process whilst managing a lasting relationship with the network of human resources who contribute to the mission of the foundation in her research areas of responsibility.

She also works with capacity building as a trainer and/or coordinator to train scientific methodology and proposal writing, scientific communication and presentation techniques for prospective grant applicants, for grantees and has demonstrated good results from accompanying measures tailored for applicants from institutions and countries that usually show a low rate of success in research grant applications.

She has initiated, coordinated, or managed IFS participation in many scientific events (conferences, workshops, seminars, and scientific meetings) in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, including for example the PanAfrican conference Food Africa improving food system in Africa, co-funded by the EU; MISTRA (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research) funded initiative on traditional grains, environment friendly solutions and poverty alleviation; Sunray, sustainable nutrition in Africa for the years to come.

She has managed with demonstrated good results interdisciplinary/team projects: Collaborative research grant programme between Central and West Africa research institutions (CORAF WECARD), the IFS green water research grant project funded by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency).

She has long experience of working in a multicultural environment and speaks fluently four languages including French and English.

Her background is in food science, nutrition and in business and administration. She was trained in Dijon, France as Ingénieur ENSBANA (Food Science and Applied Nutrition), and as Ingénieur IESIEL-INA in Dairy Economy and Industries in Paris. She was trained as a Marketer at Påhlmans Handelsinstitut in Stockholm, Sweden. Earlier she attended as well a nine month business course at IGIA-ESSEC (Economics and Business School) in Cergy, France.